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Your platform for online microjobs. Do online tasks to earn money. Anywhere and anytime.

Clickhive offers you a huge selection of microjobs from various categories that you can easily do from home or on the go. All you need is a smartphone or your computer.

Clickhive is 100% free. Registration takes less than a minute and you can start your first tasks right away.

Authentic and verified microjobs. No nasty surprises.

At Clickhive, you’ll only find real jobs for which you’ll receive real pay. All microjobs on our platform are carefully checked by us in advance – you don’t have to sign any contracts or subscriptions and we protect you from unwanted advertising.

Your benefits with Clickhive.

Clickhive is revolutionizing the world of online micro-jobs. Discover a wide range of tasks that you can work on from home via smartphone or PC – all without the hassle and frustration of the application process.

No applications

No tedious application process for microjobs. Pick the ones you like from the available tasks and start working on them right away.

Wide selection

Choose microjobs from a wide variety of categories. From product tests to surveys to research tasks, there’s something for everyone.

Great support

Our great support team can be reached directly through our platform at any time for questions, problems and suggestions without any detours.

Join over 250,000+ clickworkers.

Join our growing community of over 250,000 clickworkers. Registration takes less than a minute and doesn’t require any personal information. You can start your first microjobs right away.